Tire Ring Cutter Machine  Rubber Powder Production Line  Tire Crusher Machine

tire ring cutter EPT /rubber powEPTproduction line /tire crusher EPT

1.Processing stream:
Waste tire–reducing circle –reducing strip–slicing dice–crushing filtering — magnetic separating filtering–completed goods–rubber powder/steel wire/nylon

twenty-sixty mesh powder — dynamic devulcanizer — open up miXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ng mill — rubber refiner — reclaimed rubber sheet

two.Constructions of tire recyle line:

Identify of merchandise



Waste tyre processing rubber powder generating EPT

Primary frame

Shredder of rubber



AuXiHu (West Lake) Dis.liary motor

Ring cutter


The tire facet of the junction with the tire best and lower into the knife

Strips cutter


Will minimize off the tire sidewall cut into strips and hold the tire ring

Rim cutter


Will be reduce into strips of tire reduce into three.five cm square block

Vibrating display screen


The powder for the very first time separation (five-ten mesh)



Mesh utilised for transportation does not meet the specifications to return the host to split powder

Magnet screen


The powder in the extraction and separation of steel wire


More equipment for the EPT set of Squander Rubber Products

Steel separator

Private and extraction of tire wire ring in the mouth

Good milling EPT

The powder for even more processing to forty-100 mesh

Reclaimed rubber sheet creating EPT

Dynamic devulcanizer


This desulfurizing EPT use large temperature and atmospheric desulfurization principle, electromagnetic heating, steady creation mode, advanced technical, production protection, environmental protection, power savings, EPT handle, effortless operation, has excellent economic and social.

The high temperature amp regular strain devulcanizer can generate repeatedly with a extremely higher computerized degress and protection generation approach, minor labor strength, no exhaust emission, no wastewater discharge and no waste emissions..

Open up miXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ng mill


Design:XK-450,XK-560. Use to pace miXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ng the devulcanization rubber powder, aEPT with some other materials(component).

Rubber refiner


Product:XKJ-450B,XKJ-480. Use for refine rubber sheet,Rule out the impurity in the rubber. The same time, it also have roll reclaimed rubber.

Tire Ring Cutter Machine  Rubber Powder Production Line  Tire Crusher Machine

Tire Ring Cutter Machine  Rubber Powder Production Line  Tire Crusher Machine