Sw-3046  in Mombasa Kenya  Animal Wall Mural Paper for Kids Room

Sw-3046 Animal Wall Mural Paper for Kids Place


Buyer value:

one. Sophisticated generation: sophisticated manufacturing products, large floor ink-EPT micropressure creation.
two. Trend development: colourful and distinctive space.
three. Stylish decoration: the vogue of individuality.
four. Type: modern type.
five. Code: KM
6. Specification: three.2mX2m (size can be EPT)
seven. Customizable supplies: pure non-woven paper, non-woven paper, PVC and bucky PVC.


Multi-amount fantastic print + antibacterial and formaldehyde elimination excellent blend.
two. Trend trend:
EPTly colored and fXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ful.
3. Style decoration:
Desire and best childhood, murals, wallpaper, top paper can be picked at the exact same time.

Merchandise advantage

one. Paper foundation: Finland EPTs osEPT non-woven paper.
two. Technical advantages:
Good print + stereo result + formaldehyde + antibacterial (anti-bacterial charge up to 99%)
Wall portray:
Pick carbon powEPTprinting, the shade is sturdy and colorfast, and can be scaled and scaled.
three. Good quality decoration:
Easy and dreamy design, the dream of crossing the sky.

Product attributes

1. Style: modern day cartoon.
2. Code specification: DD/.525m * 10m.
three, completed product gram bodyweight: 150-one hundred seventy g / m2
4. Technological variables:
Finland EPTs osEPT non-woven paper, ink printing.
5. Scope of software: interior decoration of boEPTaged five to 18.
six. Visual results:
The visual effect of science fiction and desire, easy and prosperous childlike world.
seven. Interior decoration:
Wallpaper collocation: quotcome on boy quot to the children’s passions as the major style factor, embellish in the loved ones in a wall or an optional track record decoration, other metope chooses this release corresponding plain undertakes collocation, make EPT and inside science and aspiration, not only add the character of EPT bedroom effect.
EPT add-ons: quotcome on boy quot primary fashion for the present day cartoon model, household furniture collocation, can pick the refueling youth a lot more versions of the base for the furniture of ligEPT colour fastens, which can ligEPT up the EPT EPT adornment is tonal.

Sw-3046  in Mombasa Kenya  Animal Wall Mural Paper for Kids Room

Sw-3046  in Mombasa Kenya  Animal Wall Mural Paper for Kids Room