Silicone Rubber for Cupcake Mould and Baking Cups

silicone rubber for cupcake mould and baking cups

Description silicone rubber for cupcake mould and baking cups
EPT-E620 is a kind of two part silicone rubber in addition treatment or platinum treatment variety with miXiHu (West Lake) ratio of 1:one or ten:one . It can cure at area temperature as properly as unEPTheat . It is a kind of foods quality silicone and largely used for mold creating.

Application silicone rubber for cupcake mould and baking cups
EPT-E620 silicone rubber is mainly used for producing molds of concrete stone,GRC,polyurethane merchandise wax, candle decoration fast prototyping and tyre molds chocolate,candy and similar items .

Technological Parameters

Design Colour MiXiHu (West Lake) ratio (%) Pot life (mins,
unEPT25 ordmC)
Curing time Hardness ( Shore A ) Tensile-
energy (MPa)
strength (kN/m)
(After A/B combined ,mPa.s)
fee (%)
EPT-E620 Translucent 1:1 or ten:one thirty-40 four-five(hrs unEPT25 ordmC)
20-30 (mins unEPT60 ordmC)
twenty plusmn2 7.5 plusmn1. 30 plusmn5 5000 plusmn1500 400%

Traits silicone rubber for cupcake mould and baking cups

*An excellent fluidity and great operability, straightforward to demold
*Excellent tensile and tear toughness
*OutstXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. bubble releasing
*Minimal shrinkage
*Aging resistance ,higher temperature resistance (200 ordmC)
*Environmentally, meals-grade

Procedure guidelines
Stage one: put together the first molds
Prepare an perfect original mildew and clean it completely just before operation .
*Notes:Make positive your unique molds and operation device cleaned up absolutely to keep away from uncure issue .

Phase 2: EPTke a hundred G component A and 100 G component B (Or a hundred G portion A and ten G portion B) and blend them evenly.
*Notes: Addition remedy mold generating silicon rubber is two part flowing liquid , Pls comply with the step strictly:
1.Weigh the two component exactly by digital fat..
If any part not in precisely weigEPT , it may possibly lead to altering of hardness , or even cause uncure issue.
two.Blend element A and component B evenly.
Normally the silicon rubber will be partly solidified and this will give start to issues in your closing operation. What is much more, the completed molds will meet a brief existence. All of these will lead to a waste of silicon rubber.
Stage three: Vacuum pumping
Without exception, this step will take less than ten minutes. Or else, it will lead to cross linking response, and no more further measures will be available.

Stage four: Pouring casting or Brush operation
*Notes:1. For easy pattern products we advise use pouring operation way , which will be quite easy to run and demould. Pourable silicone need ligEPT viscosity which will be simple to circulation easily and simple to de-air .
2.For sensitive pattern products we recommend use brushing operation way , which can copy the sample just . Brushable silicone need high viscosity which is not going to be easy to movement absent and effortless to brush .
three. We recommend to set the silicone mold for an additional twelve several hours soon after demould before set into large production .

Heat tips :

  1. As addition treatment silicone is a type of platinum treatment program ,which will be effortless to cause uncure problem ,so

Kindly follow the guidelines below :
*Do not blend with liquid condensation silicone rubber or even the instrument which used for condensation silicone
*Do not combine with organic and natural matter which consists of N, S, P organics and ionic compound like Sn, As,Hg, Ph,
*Do not include any pigment or powEPTinto the addition treatment silicone rubber with no any tests to avert uncure issue

20KG/drum vacuum EPT for part A + 20KG/drum vacuum EPT for part B
200KG/drum EPT for element A +200KG/drum EPT for component B

Shelf lifestyle
Twelve(12) months when saved unEPTdry and awesome location by authentic deal unEPT25 ordmC

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Silicone Rubber for Cupcake Mould and Baking Cups

Silicone Rubber for Cupcake Mould and Baking Cups