New Type Waste Tire Making Rubber Powder Machinery

Squander Tire Making Rubber PowEPTEPTry (XKP-560)

Company Introduction:
one. ten many years on tire recycling EPT producing and exporting.
two. Supply inside of fifty times.
three. EPT wood or plywood crates EPT.
4. Total transportation insurance policies.
5. Market to 126 countries on 6 continents.
6. One-stop rubber EPTry resolution in HangZhou EPT EPT.
seven. It has handed ISO9001:2008 certificate

Entire Automated Creation Line Approach

Squander Tires – #8594 Squander Tire Slitting EPT – #8594 Strip and Block Blended Cutter – #8594 Rubber Cracker Mill – #8594Vibrating Display, Belt Conveyor, Magnetic Crops – #8594 Fiber Separator – #8594 -30mesh rubber powder – #8594 Fine Rubber PowEPTPulverizer – #8594 30-120mesh Rubber Powder

Substantial EPT, number of operators
Lessen the creation value proficiently
With no air pollution, stable gear overall performance

Tire recycling EPT a new very hot extremely profitable environmentally friendly undertaking, which can transform waste tires/rubber/plastic to treasure
Metal Tyre: 76% rubber powders, 17% metal wire, and five% or much less dust
Nylon Tire: seventy six% rubber, 11% fiber, six% steel wire and 5% or less dust

The most EPTant EPT of this line is Rubber Cracker Mill,
For this EPT, w
e have 3 sorts of Model XKP-400/450/560/610.

For generating -30mesh rubber powder, the different ability are as beneath:
XKP-400 line: 300kg for every hour.

XKP-450 line: 350kg for every hour.

XKP-560 line: 500kg for every hour.
XKP-610 line: 800kg for each hour.

FAQ one:

1. Why far more and much more men and women are ready to commit squander tire recycling EPT?
As we all know, garbage (such as squander tire, squander plastic, squander rubber and many others. ) are increasing each working day and this entire are a possibly sources of market place and make entire use of this can produce great a lot of of ultimate goods and carry huge revenue.

two. How to dispose of these wastes?
At the identical time, organic rubber assets are decreasing every single day and extremely costly, reclaimed rubber is an option materials for creating. It will also not impact the performance of the last items.

3. How to offer with the problem and make a lot funds?
We use inexperienced technology (waste tire recycling EPT) recycling squander tire.

Waste rubber is the rubbish once via, so how to dispose it turn out to be more and a lot more EPTant. The production line we developed can save your expense and switch the squander tire into valuable components It is in accordance with the quotturn the waste into EPT quot. Additionally, the squander tires do not by way of everywhere and protect the atmosphere from polluting.

Tire recycling EPT is definitely environmental pleasant and creat fantastic income for you. This is a extremely higher income new venture.
We have productively exported much more than fifteen international locations and locations, such as Russia, ZheEPTng , Saudi Arabia. TEPTd and so on.

Purposes of Distinct meshes:

five-10 mesh: runway, university playgrounds, XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.den paths, bowling alleys, sidewalks, composite rubber flooring tiles, anti-static flooring tiles, artificial turf, playground, synthetic turf soccer discipline the the kinderXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ten athletics venues and caEPT tennis and basketball courts.

10-twenty mesh: rubber floor tiles, plastic runway, garden quartz sand, cottonseed husk pellet, tennis courts, volleyball courts, a golfing program, plane pitch, basketball court and recreational field, EPDM basic safety mats, gym mats, all sorts of The stadium ground mats.

thirty mesh: plastic insulation material, water-proof materials, shockproof, washers, roof and wall waterproofing membrane, modified biHangZhou additives, reclaimed rubber, livestock, straw mats, fender, multifunctional mat, secure mat.

forty mesh: reclaimed rubber waterproofing membrane, modified biHangZhou additives, carpet padding, sleepers, rubber sheet, livestock grass mats, rubber water-cease gate waterstops, bearings, seal, buffer, brake brake linings protect, drainage pipes, gloves, rubber bands, elastic band, roof symptoms, brick material leading liner, sanitary pumps, corner glue, wheel alignment, the pump pumping sand pads, fenders, multi-function pad, stables pad, resistance burning material, seem insulation materials, rubber and rubber-soled, window sealing strip of rubber items and agricultural Oaks (milk) Polystyrene.

60 mesh: sleepers, rubber sheet, waterproofing membrane, reclaimed rubber, tire internal cushion, vehicle underbody sealed, watertight ring, rubber miscellaneous parts the substitute indigenous gum generation of rubber goods.

eighty mesh: modified asphalt additives, reclaimed rubber, watertight membrane, the dimension of the tire additives, sleepers, deceleration road humps, sealing strips, buffer, styrofoam pearls pad, rubber items, rubber piston, brake gate bushing.

a hundred mesh: automotive bias tires auXiHu (West Lake) Dis.liary EPTized EPT of components, footwear, athletics equipment tires.

a hundred and twenty mesh: plastic pipe insulation materials additives, automotive bias tires auXiHu (West Lake) Dis.liary materials, automobile refurbished exterior pad, focused shoe filler, chemical sealant a variety of rubber seepage mixtures.

200 mesh: creating content coatings, vehicle tires, and different uncooked rubber creation of numerous rubber goods.

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New Type Waste Tire Making Rubber Powder Machinery

New Type Waste Tire Making Rubber Powder Machinery