Heavy Calcium Carbonate for Coaing Paint Caco Price

heavy calcium carbonate for coaing/Paint CaCO Cost

Calcium Carbonate Type:

Heavy Calcium Carbonate ground coarse whiting Light-weight calcium carbonate Application (Use)

1. It is utilised to generate anhydrous calcium chloride (CaCl2), which is an auXiHu (West Lake) Dis.liary uncooked substance for the creation of sodium dichromate. The major uncooked substance for glass and cement creation. In addition, it is also utilised in developing materials and poultry feed.
two. Utilized as filler in plastics, paint putties, paints, plywood and paint
3. Utilized as a filler for wire insulation, rubber molded goods, and filler for asphalt linoleum
four. LigEPT calcium carbonate (precipitated calcium carbonate) can be utilised as a filler in the rubber, plastics, paper, paint and ink EPT. Extensively employed in the production of organic and natural synthesis, metallurgy, glass and asbestos
5. Activated calcium carbonate is employed as a filler for rubber, which can make the rubber brigEPT and vivid, has high eEPTation, high tensile power and excellent wear resistance. It is also utilized as a filler for EPT leather-based, wire, polyvinyl chloride, paint, ink and paper. The finished item has a particular tensile energy and a easy look. When creating microporous rubber, it can make it foam evenly

What is actually Calcium carbonate?

Calcium carbonate is an inorganic compound frequently acknowledged as: limestone, limestone, stone powder, marble, and the like. The principal ingredient: calcite, the chemical formula is CaCO3, neutral, basically insoluble in h2o, soluble in hydrochloric acid. It is a frequent compound on the earth and eXiHu (West Lake) Dis.sts in rocks such as vermiculite, calcite, chalk, limestone, marble, travertine, and many others. It is also the main element of animal bones or shells. Calcium carbonate is an EPTant creating materials and is broadly used in business.

How to locate calcium carbonate Suppliers and Producers

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Specifications of Calcium Carbonate

CAS No.: 471-34-one
Molecular Weight: 100.09
Chemical Method: CaCO3
Synonyms: Carbonic acid calcium salt calcite aragonite limestone
Physical appearance: Odorless, hygroscopic white crystal or powder
Melting point, deg C: 825 (decomposition)
Density (20 degC), g/cm3: two.7~two.nine


Calcium Carbonate for pipe

CaCO3 content (Dry basis), % ge

ninety eight

PH(ten% Soliquit)


Dampness material, % le


Settling benefit,ml/g ge


Prime Lower, mum le


Common Grain(D50), mum le


Fe,% le


Mn,% le


Residues 45 mum,% le


Whiteness ,% ge


Absorption oil Number (DOP), ml/100g



ninety nine



Calcium Carbonate Characteristic

one.Similar grain measurement ,low oil absorption benefit.

two.To decrease the value of merchandise to make products have good foamed influence.

3.To enhance hardness,rigidity,measurement steadiness ,fire-retardantness,glossiness of items.

four.In rigid PVC merchandise, it can speed up gelation, boost cold affect toughness, remove plate out, and improve surface gloss.

Heavy Calcium Carbonate for Coaing Paint Caco Price

Heavy Calcium Carbonate for Coaing Paint Caco Price